This is our belief that every TEAM product, service or deliverable material and professional behavior, is undeniably chained to and rooted in the BACKGROUND, SKILLS, MOTIVATIONS, PROFESSIONAL VISIONS and LIFE PERSPECTIVES of the people whom are the core and essence of that TEAM getting started.
Ed Balazadeh

Ed Balazadeh


Ed received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Guilan University (a sister university of the renowned University of Berlin) and right after obtained his Master of Architecture from the IAU, the biggest university in the middle east.

He established his design – build firm in 2004 when he was only 23 years old. Since 2010, knowing all stages of a project, from drawing the first line till the moment the keys are being delivered to the clients, has equipped him to be able to perform as the principal designer on over 300 projects. He has managed, supervised, and executed construction of  several of these projects in person.

For his off work schedule, he enjoys spending time with his wife, sons, and family.

Mahsa Balazadeh

Mahsa Balazadeh

Marketing Manager

Mahsa received a Bachelor of Business degree from CSUF.

With a passion for design and details, she is responsible for the interior design and décor of each project. Her keen eye for textures, colors, and materials has led her to create unique designs for each client. She works closely with the team and clients to create designs that are in sync and have a distinct look, while maintaining the overall integrity of the design.

She is passionate about design, specializes in abstract art, and currently working on displaying her works for an art gallery.

Ethan Wang

Ethan Wang


Ethan graduated from Zhejiang University, China, in 2005.

From 2014 until now, he is the Manager and Partner of Elim Capital Group, which focuses mainly on real estate investment across the United States. He is an experienced private equity manager has funded both commercial and residential development project in New York, Texas, Northern California and Melbourne, Australia. In 2016, he joined Ed Balazadeh as the main partner in his projects, which led him to be the Partner/VP for Elijah Kord Custom Homes in 2017.


Construction Manager, Multi Family Projects

Here is a brief list of Mike’s portfolio prior to joining Elijah Kord Custom Homes in 2018:

  • Over 30 yrs. of experience in construction
  • Specialized in multifamily housing
  • Project examples:

The estate on third, Waco TX

  • Two buildings – 22 units – 2 bed, 2.5 bath
  • Including: parking and recreation areas

Tinsley place, Waco TX

  • Multi-phase multi – building apartment complex
  • 14 buildings – 2 & 3 story – 1-3 bed
  • Including: parking, pool and recreation areas


Construction Manager, Custom Home Projects

Here is a brief list of David’s portfolio prior to joining Elijah Kord Custom Homes in 2020:

  • Over 25 yrs. of experience in construction in managerial positions
  • Specialized in Custom Homes
  • Companies in the past:
    • English Heritage Homes of Texas
    • PHS construction
    • Lennar Homes


Product Manager

After he graduated from TSTC, he started his career with joining a Civil/Structural Engineering firm in Dallas, Texas. He has
over 30 years of experience, working in various positions in engineering, architectural and construction teams, specialized in team establishment and management.

Here is a brief list of Howard’s portfolio prior to joining Elijah Kord Custom Homes in 2020:

  • Over 30 yrs. of experience in design and construction in managerial positions
  • Specialized in team management and product development
  • Companies in the past:
    • Total Environment Homes
    • Stantec
    • Raymond L. Goodson Jr., Inc.